Run an Azure PowerShell Script can not find package

I have a scenario where i need to deploy a web app to a load balanced environment, and then push content to a cdn.

To accomplish the web app deploy, I have setup a rolling deployment to handle the push to multiple servers, disable load balancers etc.

When I try and setup the CDN deploy, I need it to exist outside the rolling deploy so it only happens once. So I set up a ‘Run an Azure PowerShell Script’, set it to run a script from a package, point it to the nuget feed and package id, and fill out any parameters.

When this runs, it can not find the package.

Thinking, okay, the package is on the webheads. So I set up a separate deploy process, setup the octo server as a tentacle, and deploy to itself and then run the azure script.

Same problem…

What I am I missing here? How is this scenario best handled?

Hi Steve,

Thanks for getting in touch.

Are you trying to run an Azure PowerShell script for a particular role and seeing an error message like:

No package for the action '3bb1f82c-a1ef-4554-81f0-a212647083f5' and machine 'Machines-45' was acquired.

If so, we have just fixed the bug and it will be release in 3.4.13:

If you remove the role from your Azure PowerShell step it should run successfully.

If that is not the issue, would you mind providing the Octopus version you are running, a screenshot of the step you have configured and a raw task log that shows the error you are experiencing.


Yup, that was the problem. Thanks for the help!