Run a Script - Semver/Version issue

I’m having trouble using the “Run a Script” step in Octopus

I was getting:
No package version was specified for StepName:My.Nuget.Packaget

I added this to define the version
–package StepName:My.Nuget.Package:0.0.27
based on this article

Quote from article:
" For steps which have multiple packages (e.g. Run a Script steps can reference multiple packages), the format StepName:PackageName:Version can also be used:"

I get this after team city executes the octo statement with this parameter:
Build environment is The version portion of the package constraint ‘StepName:My.Nuget.Package:0.0.27’ is not a valid semantic version number

StepName = Step Name in Octopus Script Step
My.Nuget.Package = Nuget Package
0.0.27 = Nuget Version Number

Any help would be appreciated, Thank you

Hi @sreedy,

Thanks for getting in touch! I’m sorry to hear you’re hitting this unexpected behavior. My first thought is maybe the version of Octo.exe being used is out of date, as the StepName:PackageName:Version syntax on the --package argument is somewhat new. If it’s expecting the other syntax, StepName:Version, it might be misinterpreting the My.Nuget.Package as the package version instead of its name, throwing the not a valid semantic version number error.

Can you let me know which version of Octo.exe you’re running on your TeamCity server? If it’s not current (6.17.0), does upgrading it resolve this error?

I hope this helps, and I look forward to hearing back!

Best regards,