Run a powershell script **once** before and/or after the deployment

Sometimes you need to warn other systems before or after a deployment. Currently I’m pinging NewRelic with a deployment (the new Invoke-RestMethod in ps is very nice for this purpose), but I might also want to suspend our monitoring systems while I’m deploying.

The current powershell script model has to be abused (IMHO) to make this happen. It would be nice if it were simpler to run a script once before and/or after the deployment.

I know I could fake this by tagging a singe machine and letting it run the step but this seems sorta fake to me since it makes that particular machine/agent have a “special” role.

So I’m basically asking you to make it easier to run a script before and/or after the deployment, without having to figure out where to run the script. Maybe it could be run on the octopus server, or maybe octopus could automatically choose an arbitrary agent to run the script.

Sorry I’m stupid… I’ll move the question to uservoice.