Routing bug

I created a project called “new” however the URL project/new is the page for creating a new project.

Now I have a project called “new” which appears on my dashboard however I cannot access the project because the routing takes me straight to the page for creating a new project. How can I delete this project?


Thanks for the heads up! I’ve created a github issue to get this fixed:

In the meantime you can use this API script to delete your project:

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I have fixed this issue by deleting the project in the database:
DELETE FROM [Octopus].[dbo].[Project] WHERE Name=‘New’;

This seems to work however it’s not ideal. I suggest that you should prevent users from creating a project with the name “new”.


Deleting a project from the database like that is not safe, as there might be other references to that project ID in other tables. For that reason I provided an API script to get it done properly.

We’ll prevent users from naming the project “new” once we tackle that github issue.



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