Rolling Deployments - Choose the Deploy Targets order

Need to deploy an application on two regions eun and euw but the order of deployment to the region need to be chosen before deploy. I think rolling deployment do not have any choice. any thoughts on how to achieve this?


I think Tenant would work much better in this case

Hi Mani,

I was just writing that same response: Use Tenants for the geographic regions! This is what a lot of our multi-region customers are doing.

You’ll end up with EUN and EUW as tenants and:

  • the ability to use variable templates
  • a really nice dashboard view showing which releases are deployed to which regions
  • the ability schedule deployments to each region using the standard scheduled deployment feature

Cloud Regions, on the other hand, are really just to provide the “for loop” for a truly order-agnostic rolling deployment step that executes on the Octopus Server.

Hope that helps!