Rolling deployment parallelism per role


So I have a feature request. First a little background.

We have an service environment right now that consists of two data centers that each contains 3 servers that host the services. These services hosts host 100+ services each and each server is hosting exactly one instance of each service; so they are in effect mirrored.

When we deploy to these servers, we do it one data center at a time. Since there are so many services per server, we can’t just remove the server from the load balancer. Also since we do round robin load balancing and want to have zero downtime and keep consistency in our responses during deployments we create a rule in the load balancer to redirect traffic to the service to the opposing data center.

Our problem is that to define this behavior, we’ve had to effectively define two environments for each actual environment. One for DC-1 and another for DC-2.

If we were able to tag the machines with a role which corresponded to their respective data center and could do a rolling deployment per role, that would really help with the clutter in our Octopus deploy dashboard.

One idea on how this could work in the UI.


Thanks for getting in touch, this is a very nicely detailed request. We do have a big backlog of feature requests at the moment, could you help us out and the community and raise it on UserVoice it’s our way of tracking how much of the community needs the feature and any other ideas others may have.

It allows the community to vote and helps us have discussions internally about what new features we should build. You can link back to this forum post, or better yet copy all your examples and ideas into UserVoice.



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