Returned an unexpected status code '500 '

Unable to download packages from feed due to below error:-
The V2 feed at ‘https://build/httpAuth/app/nuget/v1/FeedService.svc/Search()?$filter=IsAbsoluteLatestVersion&searchTerm=’’&targetFramework=’’&includePrerelease=true&$skip=0&$top=10’ returned an unexpected status code '500 '.

Since yesterday, we are unable to do any deployment due to the above issue. We have not done any server upgrades.

All our deployment is on halt at the minute and your urgent support would be much appreciated


Hi there,

Thakns for getting in touch. Looks like you’re receiving a 500 Internal Server error from a Team City feed.

At this point, the only suggested course of action I have is to grab the teamcity-server.log logfile and try to find relevant log entries around the time you observed the error in Octopus. This ought to give some more insight into possible causes, perhaps a more descriptive error message or a stack trace.

One other possibility that comes to mind, I’m not sure what version of Team City you’re running, but the release notes here note that feed URLs did change as of 2018.1 so it may be worth looking at the new URL format and whether that responds correctly.



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