Retention policy run timing


We are on a very old version of octopus which runs retention policy every 4 hours and our jenkins job times out because of response from octopus.I saw the same process with new octopus (i installed trial version) which we are evaluating and was wondering if there is a way to control the retention policy run. Is it possible to have this policy run only over the weekend and not every 4 hrs.


Hi @naeron1

Thanks for reaching out, and for the great question.

I’m afraid that retention policy run schedule is not configurable at this time, with it being every 4 hours, as you correctly surmised.

I’ll talk to our teams at our next catchup, and see if this is something that we would consider in the future.

Happy Deployments!

Thanks @Justin_Walsh .I really appreciate you replying the question.It would be really helpful if there can be a way where user has control (perhaps default can be 4 hrs but user has the choice) over how this retention policy being run.

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