Retention Policies for old releases not working

We have the following Retention Policies in place:

  • Packages without releases should get deleted in 10 days.
  • Lifecycle - Releases past the most recent 5 should be deleted.
    Neither of these appear to be happening and our server is running out of disk space.
    Let me know what logs or such you need.

you know, I think that I am just confused. Because the disparity in versions across our environments, it was hard to track whether or not a release/package should actually be there (because we keep up to 5 releases per environment)

Hi Mark,

Thanks for getting in touch! Yeah the retention policies can be a bit confusing especially with their behavior on Tentacles. Files only get deleted on Tentacles when it’s related to the project that it is deploying at the time.So at the end of each deployment to the environments, you can check the raw deployment log and see what packages it was deleting. The output is not great but it gives an idea if it is looking and attempting to clean up. We are going to write a process that will give an explanation of retention policies to help understand better why something might not be deleted at the time.

In the mean time if you grab a deployment log we can have a look at the output and explain as much as we can.