Retention Apply retention policies task log storage increase

Hi support,
we recently upgraded our Octopus on-prem version from v2020.1.21 to v2020.5.5

I have noticed that tasks of type “Retention” / “Apply retention policies” are logging significantly more to the TaskLogs folder ( i.e since the upgrade i can see 180+ files at over 50MB each, and before the upgrade no files of this type were that size. )

Can you please advise on best course of action and cause for this log file bloat?

Many thanks in advance

Hi Paul,

Thanks for reaching out and sorry to hear that you’re noticing increased disk usage after your upgrade. As far as I’m aware, nothing should have changed there to cause increased log verbosity. Are you able to send through some examples of the before/after logs (preferably of the same task/project if possible) so that we can take a look through and see what’s different? Feel free to zip them up and email them to, or if you need a dedicated file upload location, please let me know.

Look forward to hearing from you soon!

Hi Justin,

thanks - further to this; prior to the 1st March 2021, this type of ServerTask had only run 3 times in the last 2 years; and now it is running once every 4 hours. some of our latest logs have been hitting around 180MB.
I have 3 sample files before and after the issue. Can you please provide a dedicated file up load location please and i’ll upload them.

Many thanks,

Hi Paul,

I’ve sent you a private message with a link to a secure upload location.


Thanks Paul,

I’ve uploaded 2 zip files; one containing 3 files from before the issue started (PreIssue) and the other zip containing 3 files since (PostIssue).

Let me know if you require anything further,

I’ve been going over the log files and nothing immediately jumps out as being unusual.

I was wondering though whether you make much usage of Runbooks?

The reason being that when we first introduced runbooks they didn’t have any retention policies applied to them. This has since been rectified and could potentially explain the increase in your retention policy log sizes if you have a large number of runbooks that are now being iterated through.

Hi Paul,

we’ve recently started using them - and there are only a few in active use at a proof of concept stage.

I’m about to go on leave for the Easter school holidays; so will handover where we are with 2 of my colleagues to keep looking into this.

many thanks

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