Restricting access to deployment targets using Tenants

I have exactly the same scenario as described in Restricting Access to Deployment Targets.

However that requires we setup separate environments for each Team here (Team A Dev, Team A Staging, Team A Production, Team B Dev, Team B Staging, Team B Production etc.)… which makes the dashboard look like a bit of a nightmare.

I noticed however that although it’s not possible to restrict deployment targets to specific projects or project groups, it is possible to make them only available to certain tenants.

So the question, would it make sense (or would it be an abuse/misuse of the feature) to configure one Tenant per team and restrict access to deployment targets using Tenants rather than environments?

Thanks in advance.


Hi James,

Thanks for getting in touch! If it is easier than setting up a separate environment for each Team, I can see no reason not to try. Tenants are a powerful feature and can be used in a lot of different configurations. Currently our only alternative to restricting access to the deployment targets is as you mentioned. It sounds like using Tenants should technically work fine for what you are trying to achieve.

I’m not sure if it would affect the dashboard or create any other issues as it is not something I have seen tested, so I would love to find out.

Have you already tried this? If you have any thoughts / issues, you are welcome to send them through. :slight_smile:

Let me know how you go.

Best regards,