Restrict one environment to use tenants


i’ve been looking into tenants in the last few days, and i have a question.

is it possible to restrict only certain environments to use tenants?

i.e. we have dev, qa1, qa2, qa3, fat, pat all as environments where we don’t need tenants, however for uat, we have two sets of users that we want to be able to deploy to individually. Therefore tenants only apply to that one environment.

I want to be able to restrict UAT so that only tenanted deployments are possible, whereas the other environments are normal. At the moment, if i go to deploy a release, i’m given the option of deploying to an environment, or tenant, and i were to choose environment and not tenant, the deployment would not be correct.

I’m aware i could set up a default tenant, and then set the project to only use tenants, but this means i need to duplicate every deployment target to have a tenanted and untenanted version (we have > 50 projects, so changing everything to use tenants now isn’t an option as i’m just experimenting at the moment).

also, we’ve noticed that the deployment now goes to home/tenant name/env name/package name/package version. is there anyway to make the environment name come before the tenant name?

and one more thing - if i were to change to using tenants for all environments, is there a way to remove the un-tentanted row from the overview


Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for getting in touch and great question. It shows that you’ve read our documentation. :slight_smile:

Currently, it’s not possible to directly restrict an environment to only be used for tenants. This can be achieved by adding only machines scoped to tenants (or tenant tag sets) to an environment therefore if anyone tries to do an un-tenanted deployment, it will fail to find any supported machines/deployment targets. That said, we have an related issue where we’re looking to improve this situation a bit more.

In regards to deployment directory organization and removing the project overview un-tenanted row, we don’t currently have a way to customize this at the moment. That said, if you delete all old untenanted releases, the untenanted row should disappear but this isn’t an easy solution. If you think these ideas would be useful, I’d recommend adding a suggestion for them to our user voice site ( as we’re planning on actioning a lot more suggestions in the future.

Hope this helps!