REST API: Get all versions for package in built-in repository

So far I can’t find method to get all versions for particular package in built-in repository via REST API.

We are trying to release different package versions to specific environments, like: 0.0.0-dev to Development and 0.0.0-pre to PreRelease. We have 2 different channels: one for fetching dev* and one for pre*.
Is there a workaround to fetch all versions or channel-filtered one?

In Octopus UI i can freely press Create Release and see channel-filtered version in Last version.

Hi Alexander,

The endpoint you want is /api/feeds/feeds-builtin/packages{?packageId,partialMatch,includeMultipleVersions,includeNotes,includePreRelease,versionRange,preReleaseTag,take}. You can discover this by going to /api/feeds.

In your case /api/feeds/feeds-builtin/packages?packageId=MyPackage&includeMultipleVersions=true&includePreRelease=true&take=100000 should do the trick.

There is no way to filter a feed based on the channel rules.

Hope that helps,

Robert W