REST API Documentation

do we have any documentation about api?


Not currently, you can look at the source to Octo.exe to see how the API is used. Currently the API is read-only except for the ability to create environments, machines, releases and deployments. We’re working on a much more comprehensive and documented API for v2.0.


I have found it much easier to just navigate the API with my browser. If you are logged in to Octopus you don’t need an API key. The API is truly RESTful in so much as it actually includes the links for each entity making it truly discoverable.

Thanks Paul.

May be then i think i should buy the source code from you then :):slight_smile: just kidding. will wait for the documents.

Thanks Jeff.

Me too i also found it very easy to iterate the api but some times its better to have a full grasp of the situation at hand. but thanks for answering too.