Reset Admin credentials

We had to switch to the portal to Windows Authentication because the admin password initially setup on the portal no longer worked. Now, we’ve lost the ability to add environments, do backups, and no telling what else we can’t do.

Is there a way to reset the admin credentials without re-installing?


Hi Jeff,

You can use the RavenDB management UI to make your new account an administrator.

  1. On the Octopus server, open a web browser and navigate to http://localhost:10930. The RavenDB UI should appear.

  2. Click the Collections tab.

  3. Click on the “Users” collection

  4. Double-click to open each User document until you find your user account, and then note the ID number (e.g., “users-123”)

  5. Go back, and look for the “Groups” collection

  6. Open the “administrators” group

  7. In the list of Users, add your user ID using the JSON syntax, e.g.,

     "Users": [

Finally, click the save button in the top right. Your account should now be an administrator.

Apologies that this isn’t very intuitive at the moment, I’ll try to add a feature to the Octopus Admin Tools UI to reset and add users to the admins group.

If you have any problems, let me know and I can try to walk you through it over Skype.


Thanks! That worked!