Reordering steps using power shell

Is there any way to reorder the deployment steps given in process using automated power shell script?


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This is definitely possible. I don’t have a specific code sample for you, but as a starting point, have a look at this Powershell example. This example shows how you would add a new step to a deployment process. The line I have highlighted (Line 31) is the most relevant line, in which the new step is simply added to the $process.Steps collection.

Similarly, if you are interested in reordering steps then you also need to make changes to this same $process.Steps collection - specifically you want to reordered the steps that are within that collection. The type of $process.Steps is an IList<DeploymentStepResource> (see here), so all of the usual IList methods are available to help you reorder the steps.

Once they are reordered you would invoke $repository.DeploymentProcesses.Modify($process) to save your changes (as in the example provided above).

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