Reorder Steps button missing

I’m not seeing the reorder steps button. It’s in my older self hosted octopus deploy, but not in my cloud instance. I must be overlooking something. It should be just to the left of Add Step, but there’s no button there.

Hi Rich,

Thanks for reaching out.

To re-order the steps you should have to click into a step, then you will see the overflow menu which has “Reorder steps” in it like this:


It does look like the old Reorder Steps button was removed from the main Process page. I’m going to speak to the UX team and see if it was intentional or not. Please let me know if that location works for you.


Thanks Jeremy and thanks for the quick response. I just could not find it.

Hey Rich,

You’re very welcome. I’ve reached out to the UX team and I’m awaiting a reply on if it was an intentional removal. Have a great rest of your week.


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