Renaming an Existing/Production Octopus Environment

We have started production deployments to tentacles that exist in Environments that we have created, and all is well. However, we have been asked to rename some of these environments to either eliminate spaces (for programmatic reasons), or to shorten the length of the name.

My question is: Will changing our existing Environment names have any effect on future projects that are currently configured to deploy to these environments? If so, are there any alternatives? (i.e. creating new environments, and then moving the Tentacle clients to the new environments?)

Thanks in advance for your assistance!

Hi Karl,

Internally Octopus references environments by ID, not name - so renaming the environments will be safe.

Environment names are used in paths on Tentacles however, so there may be a flow on effect that a new folder will be created with the new name. This shouldn’t have any real impact however.

Hope that helps,