Rename/Merge machine roles?

After upgrading from an older version of Octopus, machine roles were automatically created in the form {Environment}-{MachineName}, so we have for example Live-Build03, Test-Build03 and Staging-Build03. I want to consolidate these roles to just “BuildServer” or something like that, but I don’t want to have to do a lot of manual reconfiguration of my dozens of projects.

Does the underlying RavenDB data structure allow for renaming roles without needing to update lots of related documents, or would this be too complicated to implement?

Hi Chris,

It could be done against the Raven documents:

  • For each Machine, change the Roles property (a string array)
  • For each Project, navigate the Steps and Variables and change the roles accordingly (also string arrays)

You’d then need to create new releases as appropriate (or update the old releases similar to above).