Remove releases from the dashboard

In earlier releases of Octopus if I wanted to remove a release from showing up on the Dashboard I could use Octo.exe to delete the release. Upon doing this it would no longer show up on the Dashboard. In either 2.3 or 2.4 this functionality changed.

In the attached screen shot you will see various versions of the same product. The problem comes in the bottom row. Only on version of the product should be in any environment. 2.50 always goes in Test 1, the Cruise Head revision always goes in Test 2, and another currently support branch of the 3.x code line goes in Cruise 3.x.

Well awhile ago we were getting ready to branch Head a rev it up from 3.23 to 3.24. To get ready for this another person with Octopus promoted Cruise Head to Test 3 in the Cruise HEAD project instead of creating it as a new release and deploying it in the Cruise 3.x project like he should have.

I deleted the release for Cruise Head from the command line, but it still shows up in the dashboard. This will likely end up causing confusion about which releases are in what test environments. How do I go about removing from showing up in the Test 3 environment under Cruise HEAD.

I’ve also attached a file showing the error that comes up when clicking on the Cruise Head


Hi Ronald,

Thanks for getting in touch!

I have been trying to replicate this issue on a local Octopus server (running version but when I delete a release that has been promoted to another environment the Dashboard removes it.

The UI caches the dashboard data for a certain amount of time, is it possible that if you clear your browser cache it will remove the release from the dashboard?

If this does not work, can you please send through what version of Octopus that you are currently running and I can investigate further to see if there was a bug that we may have fixed in a later verison.

Hope that helps!


I cleared my browsing history and my cookies in google chrome and the deleted releases are still showing up on the dashboard. I am currently running Octopus version

Hi Ronald,

Thanks for the reply.

When we delete (either via the Octopus Deploy UI or Octo.exe) the release is marked for deletion, and then a background task actually deletes it from the database.

This background task may have failed or been queued due to something else running, which is why the release would still be displaying on your dashboard.

Can you please check the task list for the task that was created to delete the release and see if it has failed? The name of the task would be something like Delete: (releases-804).


I discovered that the server had been trying to run a database backup that had been hung for about 20 days. I canceled it and then manually ran a backup. Once that succeeded I went back through the task log and ran all the delete jobs that had previously timed out and it cleared things up.

Thanks for the help.