Relocating a tentacle not changes the location

We had a tentacle on localhost:10933. This was added to many environment as an independent machine.
Let’s name these machines A, B, C…

Then we installed an other tentacle instance on the same host with a different port: localhost:10935
We changed the tentacle location of ‘A’ to localhost:10935

In theory the deployment to A and B can be happen in parallel since they use a different tentacle.

BUT if we tried the parallel deployment (started on A and right after on B) only one step is executed one time,
and this message appeared on the other deployment thread:
“Another deployment-related activity is in progress on this machine (Running script ‘…’); the request has been added to a queue.”

If we deleted ‘A’ and readded (with tentacle on localhost:10935) it everything worked fine and the steps happened in parallel.

Hi -

The parallel deployment restriction prevents corruption of some machine-wide configuration files, particularly those used by ASP.NET, so the restriction is per Tentacle (physical) rather than per-machine. We’re investigating ways to override this so that the deployments can be configured for parallel execution.


Any news with parallel deployments?

Hi Igor,

Thanks for the getting in touch! Parallel deployments are in the planned stage. We just released 2.5 as a stable build, and have another in the works, parallel deployments is planned for after that.
The time frame could be anything from 2-6 months however.