Release UI Issue 2018.3.1

We just upgraded yesterday from 4.1.10 and now our release pages look a little wonky. Now, this seems like an issue that would have been reported already, and I don’t see it, but we also did switch our internal network filter yesterday and I can’t quite rule that out. I don’t see any broken script/files in the inspector, however, so I wanted to get this open just in case.


Hi John,

Thanks for getting in touch,

I’m sorry to hear you are experiencing this issue, I understand this behavior can be frustrating.

This has been reported in the following Github issue;

To keep up to date with the progress of this, please refer to the aforementioned link as this will outline the fixed version when available.

If you require any other assistance in the interim, please let me know :slight_smile:

Have a great day!

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