Release Statuses and what they mean

I can’t seem to find a list of the possible release statuses and what they actually represent.

I’m debugging an API script, and i’m failing a check for a release status of “Complete”, and all the releases i’m checking against are “Current”, but I’m not sure why. I feel like knowing what these mean would clear it up and allow me to write a better check.


Thanks for getting in touch.

Which API endpoint are you using to get the releases? “Current” usually means it is the most recently deployed release for a project/environment.


The endpoint I’m using is /api/releases/Releases-xxxxx/progression. The
Progress field is the value i’m looking at. So far, I get back either
Current, Complete, Pending, and I believe I’ve seen at least a couple
others, but I don’t know exactly what each is indicative of.

It appears that Complete is if that release has already been released to
that phase, current is if its ready to deploy to that phase, and pending is
if another phase requires the release before a promotion would be
possible. I appreciate your help in any info to understand these more


There are three possible values for Progress: Current, Complete and Pending.

Complete: the release has satisfied the lifecycle requirements for that phase (ie deployed to enough environments in the phase)
Current: the release can be deployed to the phase but is not yet Complete
Pending: the release is not Complete or Current

I hope this helps.