Release screen suggestions

I’ve run across a few things that I think would be helpful when managing releases.

  • For a given project, have the ability the see a list of all releases that have been created. Maybe this could be the default tab on the project home page instead of Recent Deployments? Clicking on a release would take you to the details screen for this release. This came about since it wasn’t overly clear how to perform a new deployment into a different environment. I have to click my “Development” release box to take me to the page where I can click the Deploy button.
  • It would also be nice to have friendly formatted URLs to take us directly to a release page, so I could tell users to go to http://my-octopus-portal/project name/releases/release name, instead of http://my-octopus-portal/Releases/Show/11?deploymentId=23
  • It would be nice if the release screen instead got a little de-cluttered. Maybe put Packages and Variables in accordions or tabs? Just something to hide the stuff that doesn’t really get looked at, but adds to visual clutter. I would also think it would be nice to see the Release Notes at the top, and then see the Deployments after that.

Thanks for an awesome product Paul!

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for the suggestions!

  1. On a project, you can click the “recent deployments” tab, and at the bottom is a link - “View complete history”. That will take you to a list of all releases, as well as where they were deployed. Does that help, or would a second screen (with just releases) be better?
  2. Great suggestion
  3. I agree, I’ll add those to the backlog


Ahhh, I see what you’re saying for the complete history. That gives a nice summary. I’ve set up seven environments though, so it gets a little busy a little fast, so that may need to be tweaked a bit from a layout perspective, but that’s pretty minor.

I wonder if the complete history could use a friendly url too…? :slight_smile: