Release related questions

Hi All,

  1. I’m investigating the use of octopus deploy at a customer. There is the following situation:
    They have an application that consists out of several modules, which will each be packed into a nupkg. There is a TFS build server who will create all those nupkg with their version number, like 1.2.3 … Now after each build, they all have a ‘latest’ package version with the lastest number.

Problem is that they want to deploy ‘a selection’ of packages (or perhaps just one) to a specific stage, and not all.
When I was experimenting with octopus, I need to create a release. And in this release, you can specify which package you want to deploy.
But I don’t want to work with real ‘releases’… I want to deploy is a specific new package to a new stage. Is that possible?

  1. Also if I want to use continuous deployment, I can use octopus exe to do that. Do I have to create a ‘release’ number in advance then? Or am I missing the whole point of releases?


Hi Alexander,

In this case I think you will want to have one “project” per module, instead of one for the entire application.

The need for this will become clear when you look at the dashboard, which shows Projects by Environments. If Octopus supported the ability to deploy a single package to a single environment, the release number shown on the dashboard would be meaningless, since it would be impossible to tell what packages are deployed.

So I think a project per module makes the most sense in this situation. You will be able to use Octo.exe to create releases, and the release number will be generated automatically from the package number, so as long as the package number always changes you shouldn’t have to do anything.

Hope that helps,


Hi Paul,

Thanks for your feedback. A project per module will be indeed the best solution. Will try it out!