Release page hangs

We seem to fairly often have an issue where when a specific release is clicked, the page never loads, the spinner just sits there forever.

It seems to crop up most often when we create a new release, though that might not actually be the case. This will happen for any previous release also. Other pages (i.e. the list of releases) load OK.

The following three ajax requests continue to return a 200 code in the background every few seconds ( have attached a full network dump of these requests)


I have upgraded to Octopus and also done a database repair and the problem persists. This is on both IE11 and Chrome 40.0.2214.111 m. The home, log and database folders are on a network share, though this does not generally seem to be a problem. Our database file is about 25MB with the database folders totalling about 96MB, so not that big.

We don’t seem to have a workaround for this, just that eventually it will work again. Sometimes restarting the Octopus service seems to help, sometimes not. Our octopus server process seems to run around the 350-400MB memory usage mark, which seems quite high?

NetworkData.xml (52 KB)

Hi Larry,

Thanks for getting in touch! When a release is created, and when you return to the release page, we read the metadata of the packages - and to do so we connect to your NuGet feed.
I’m gonna make a few guesses. You use NuGet Server. And you have lots of packages. NuGet Server reads the whole package into memory for each package to gather the metadata.
We have definitely seen this behavior based on that above. Changing your feed to NuGet.Lucene will improve this timing by a tonne.
Converting from NuGet Server to NuGet.Lucene should actually be fairly painless as they use the same files and structure.

If this is not the case with your feed let me know.