Release numbers for different channels

Hi there,

I am currently trying to create releases in different channels. it worked but i can’t see release number in the same environment. in another words, i cant know release for diferent boxes.

looks like it is a bit confused. let me show some more details here:

in dev, qa, staging and production environment, we have app and batch servers. what we are planning to do is install same window service on both app and batch servers. but sometime we only want to update instance in app, and sometime we only want to update instance in batch or both. thats why we are trying to use channel to help this out.

Is there any opinions we can implement this?
Also, we are using teamcity for auto build.


Hi Ben,
Just to get some clarity, What is it you mean when you say you “cant see release number in the same environment… cant know release for different boxes”. I would expect each environment to only be able to have one “active” version at a time. Is there a screenshot that might clear up my confusion?

What is the current set up of your project and deployment steps? Are you planing on using different releases to decide which targets need to be updated? If it is only occasionally that you would want to deploy to just one or the other, could you perhaps create two deployment steps for each role, and then just conditionally skip one or the other via the deployment page when needed?

Hi Robert,

Thanks for your reply.

let’s say in dev environment, we have 4 servers. 2 of them have roles as
"APP", another 2 have roles as “BATCH”. we have 1 windows service which we
want to be installed in all of these servers.

What we would like to do is, in the future, we may only want to update this
windows service in servers with “APP” role. and also there is a chance we
only want to update those with “BATCH” roles.

In my understanding, i need to create different releases with different
channels so that we can trigger different deployment process. if we do so,
the version number shown in ui will be only one version number which we
did secondly.

I am happy to hear any of suggestions on this case.

hopes it is making sense. sorry about the confusing.


Hi Ben,
I think in your scenario rather than trying to over complicate the matter with channels, I would suggest the following approach.
In the simplest, you can set up a project with 2 deployment steps, one clones from the other with the exception that each targets a different role. You can even set up both steps to deploy in parallel. In the normal day-to-day deployment both roles will get updated in lock step. In the case that you want to update on role but not another, you can go the Advanced on the deployment page and skip the step corresponding to the role you don’t want updated. In this scenario the dashboard will still only show the latest deployed version for this release since it expects that an environment represents a single atomic deployment instance.
If this does not solve your problem could you further explain why you would want your two roles updated to different versions within the same environment. Potentially what you may actually need is to consider the two roles as separate environments.