Release Notes

I am on Octopus Deploy v2.6.5.1010, and I have a release consisting of 4 packages. These are built using the /p:OctoPackReleaseNotesFile=…\ReleaseNotes.txt option on the build server. I’ve attached the release notes text file. I know this works because the packages all have the release notes in them. The problem is that when I create my release, it doesn’t show these release notes in the release. The release consists of 4 packages (each of them have the same release notes). Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’ve attached two images. One shows the packages w/ the release notes included (from the build option above) and one shows the releases don’t contain the release notes from the packages.

ReleaseNotes.txt (612 Bytes)

Hi Peter,

Thanks for reaching out. The release notes from the packages (the one you add using /p:OctoPackReleaseNotesFile) and the release notes from the Octopus Release are two separate things. If you want that text to show up like it does for your release, you’re gonna have to either add it manually, or by using Octo.exe create-release, which will create the release with the notes you pass to the paremeters --releasenotes or --releasenotesfile