Release Notes Markdown - partial disable

Hi Octopus Deploy,
great software. This is going into the details of release notes formatting…
Is there a way to mark release notes sections for exemption from Markdown, or perhaps change it to use something else than underscore, asterisk, tabs etc?

Underscores are often used in technical names and tabs are typically used to indent text.
Escaping each underscore is less than optimal, because it renders the .nuspec text less readable. It seems strange that it should be added to avoid excessive formatting.
Marking a section for exemption from marking would perhaps not be optimal, but better.

We have replaced tabs with a 3 spaces, so we have a solution for that.
(Looking at wiki, though, code is marked with ``, not tabs?)
This is the Markdown documentation I refer to:



Thanks for getting in touch and for the kind words! Great to hear you’ve had a good experience with Octopus so far. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I’m not aware of a way to exempt a section from using markdown. Would wrapping the section in a code block give you a result closer to what you’re after? For example, if you’re writing a package version with underscores in it, like 1.0.0_channel_release, where “channel” would normally get italicised, you could write it as “`1.0.0_channel_release`” to display as 1.0.0_channel_release.

I hope this helps! Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any further questions or concerns going forward.

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