Release Notes Creation Appears to not be working

In version 2019.5.4 and .2 release notes does not appear to be working for us. This could be from a misunderstanding on our part or a bug.

We have a package with metadata

We have the following settings

But we do not see the release notes data

Any suggestions?

Hey Jason,

From your screenshots, it looks like it should be all configured correctly.

Can you tell me if you use your build server to create your releases, and if you do, do you push the metadata before or after the create release step?

If you’re pushing the metadata before creating the release, can you send a screenshot of how your step is configured and if possible the deployment process JSON so we can investigate why you’re not seeing the work items in your release notes.

Thank you and best regards,

Hi Henrik,
We do create the release from our build server (TeamCity), however the release notes aren’t populating even if we create it manually through the web interface. We do push the metadata before creating the release.

I’ve attached a copy of the deployment process JSON.
We’ve done some playing around and suspect that the issue might be to do with the fact that we reference the package ID using a variable rather than hard-coding it. When we added a “deploy package” step and hard-coded the package name then the release notes started populating as expected.
Jason.bsil-template-api-process.json (5.2 KB)

Hi Jason,

Thanks for sending through the extra information and as you’ve found there is an issue when you use variables for your package. We have an open issue to fix this bug as soon as possible.

Thank you and best regards,

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