Release naming convention

Currently when I deploy a Release and when there is a failure requiring script change in the process of a Project, then the release has to be recreated. So the release which was deployed on few machines will no more be valid as a new Release will have to be created to cater new changes.
For e.g. Release ‘myChange’ was attempted to be deployed on 10 machines, but it got successfully deployed on 3 machines and failed on 7 machines due to some script issue. The script is then corrected and I need to deploy same release on remaining 7 machines, but i cannt as new Release will have to be created for the script change made. so new Release name would be Release 'myChange-R2’
Also if i delete the old release ‘myChange’,then the history of its release will also be deleted.
Can you please advise or guide me how can i deploy the same release with same name to be deployed on remaining machines after script modification?

Hi Pratik,

Thanks for getting in touch! The situation that you are describing is an area that we have designed around the philosophy of failing forward with deployments that require code or script changes. You can see more of our thought process behind this decision by reading this blog post

In order for your script changes to occur Octopus requires a new release to be created as part of the snapshotting process.
For a better understanding of why this is required you can read a brief overview of how snapshots work in this blog post

For your situation, as a workaround, after you create a new release it is possible to limit the new deployment to just the machines that failed by following the instructions shown here. While I understand that this is not exactly what you are after it should assist with the requirement to not re-deploy to successful clients.

If you would like to discuss this further or if you have any other questions please let us know!