Release Matrix Sparseboard


I just upgraded to version 3.2.2 and hoped to see some improvements on the project overview page. At the moment we have 37 environments so the release/environment matrix on the project overview page has been very big(unusable).

With the introduction of Release Matrix Sparseboard I had hoped to see some improvements and was surprised to see that the matrix looks exactly like before. There are still 37 columns in the matrix.

Reading more about Release Matrix Sparseboard I realize that it can’t be expected to have any effect on our release/environment matrix. All environments have at least 1 release so there are no empty columns or rows. Most cells are empty,

I can’t see how this would ever be useful. It’s just too big. On our project overview page the matrix has 44 rows and 37 columns. And most cells are empty.

Maybe one option would be to use the same environment filter that is used on the dashboard to only show the environments I’m interested in? With this option there would also be a lot of empty rows that could be removed


Hi Jan,

Yep we hear you. The feature we’re working on next (to support multi tenancy scenarios) will do a lot to aggregate environments and help scenarios like yours.