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Have a perfectly running project, deploying to different targets (PROD,DR, UAT), and some of the process steps are importing certificates into Local Machine stores of these targets. (v2020.3.6)

A new certificate containing new DNS aliases was created (identical in parameters as the existing ones), uploaded into Octopus, and mapped to the Variable set that is used to handle these certificate imports. New cert highlighted:

That specific step of the process is using a Variable (the same for each of these certificates, with a different value, for each of the environments. Since the new certificate was added and mapped to the variable sets, any new attempt to deploy is successful but there is no signs of the new certificate. We receive no errors, no warnings, it simply is not being picked up as a value, as if it wasnt even there.

I have checked octopus server logs, audit page, but there is absolutely nothing about this being mentioned.

Could it be that because it uses the same Variable name, and deployment targets as an existing certificate (PROD in the screenshot), it is just being ‘skipped’? I was trying to go through official documentation but I couldn’t find anything related to such limitations/requirements.

Yes, I have updated the Variables for the previously created release, so it has picked up the most recent variable set values. The certificates are created the same way, signed the same way, same format, etc. and this is happening for more new certificates setup the same way.

I would go ahead and add a different variable name for this new variable value (new certificate), and add it to the process as an extra cert import step.

Hey @madux.

Thanks for reaching out.

Without being able to see all of the scopings on all your variables, my guess would be this is a scoping prioritization issue. We have a blog post on that here outlining that:

Can you take a look at that and see if it applies to your situation? If not, can you send over a variable JSON with details about which variable should be getting picked up and why, as well as which variable IS getting picked up? Feel free to privately message this for privacy reasons.

Please let me know what you think.


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Hi @jeremy.miller,

Thanks to you for the prompt response, and the article url.
The scopes of the bottom 2 values in my screenshot are identical, which confirms your assumption and explains why only one of the values is being passed for the variable.

I believe splitting this step with a separate variable for each of the clashin scopes would solve the issue.
Will reach out again, if the issue persists.


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Hi @madux,

You’re very welcome!

I’m glad to hear you’ve found the culprit, thank you for updating me.

Please let me know if you hit any bumps along the way, and if I don’t hear from you I hope you have a great rest of your week.


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