Release is deployed for all tenants regardless of settings

I have a test project with multi-tenant deployment enabled and 3 VPS belonging to 3 different tenants with common tag “Feature”.
When I start deployment I select only 1 tenant to deploy to, but in step list, I see all tenants enabled. I exclude tenants from deployment targets, but after all these steps Octopus starts to deploy to all tenants.
What am I missing? Or is this a bug?

Octopus deploy 3.11.9


Thanks for getting in touch! I’m really sorry you’ve run into this problem - it looks very similar to this UI display issue:

We are going to fix this issue, and some others on the advanced deployment screen. I would recommend just choosing your tenant(s) and deploying to them with the default settings wherever possible. Ignoring steps will work as expected, but excluding and including specific machines can get confusing and you may end up with unexpected results.

If you let Octopus calculate the steps and machines it should get them right - we have several automated tests, and in-application checks and balances to make sure we deploy to the correct machines.

If you deploy using the defaults, and Octopus either excludes or includes a machine by mistake please get back in touch so we can investigate further. :slight_smile:

Hope that helps!