Release filtering not working after v2019.5.7 upgrade


We got upgraded on our cloud instance yesterday from 5.4 to 5.7 to fix another bug. It looks like it’s introduced another bug, which thankfully is much smaller but annoying still.

The release filter on the Overview page doesn’t dropdown at all for any project. All other filters are fine.

I can see release items in the API call the dashboard is making (…api/Spaces-1/dashboard?projectId=Projects-41&showAll=true), so it must be a UI bug.



Hi @matthewericford!

Thanks for getting in touch about this, sadly it is a known issue. We’ll get it fixed ASAP, but for now you can work around this issue by starting to type in the field, which will cause the drop-down values to populate.

Awesome thanks Justin. We’re fine with the workaround so will survive :slight_smile:

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