Release does not select latest version of package

Hi there,

I am migrating our Octopus Deploy installation and have run into an issue in the new installation that I do not have in the current one. As far as I can tell both installations are identical.

I use TeamCity to push packages to Octopus Deploy. One is a zip file with some scripts with version The other is a nuget package that is created with OctoPack with version Both packages are pushed to Otcopus Deploy just fine and show up in the library with the correct versions.

However when TeamCity creates a release (with arguments --packageversion Octopus Deploy only looks for packages with version

This is not the case with our current installation where Octopus Deploy just takes the last version of both packages.

What is going on here?


If possible I do not want to provide the package versions to use. When releasing I do now know the version number of the zip file with the scripts and I always want to use the latest version.


Thanks for getting in touch.

What you have noticed is correct: when providing the --packageversion argument that version will be used for all packages.

If you do not specify the --packageversion argument the latest version will be selected for you.

I think in this case it would be safest to use the --package argument to explicitly specify the version of your NuGet package. If you don’t specify anything for you zip package then the latest will be used.

For example:
--package MyNuGetStepName:

Hope this helps.