Release deployment packages getting deleted

We’ve run into an issue where our release deployments are having old packages be deleted from the built in package repository. I think we have the retention policy and repository retention set properly but might be missing something.

Retention Policy:
We have a release candidate lifecycle and the production phase has an inherited policy of “Releases: Keep all. Files on Tentacle: Keep 3 Releases”.

Repository Retention:
Packages not used in a release will be automatically deleted from the repository after 1 days.
Packages used in a release will not be deleted unless the release is deleted.

To summarize the above:

  1. All Releases will be kept.
  2. Tentacles will keep 3 release packages
  3. Any packages used in a Release Deployment will be kept forever unless that Release is deleted.

So is it correct that basically means that all packages used in a release should never be deleted from the library?

Thanks for reaching out. I’m sorry to hear that your running into this issue with your package retention policies.

It is true that packages associated with a release should not be deleted as long as the release still exist. It sounds like your experiencing a bug, fixed in V2019.1.9, in the built-in repository retention policy that will delete packages after the retention period has expired, even if the package is used in an existing release:

If you are on a previous version, upgrading to V2019.1.9,, or the latest version 2019.5.10,, would most likely resolve this issue.

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