Release attempting to use old NuGet package

Hello all,

It seems we’ve run into a bug running Octopus We have TeamCity (8.0.5) building packages and delivering them to Octopus via TC’s NuGet server. At some point between the last successful release and now, the build naming of one of the NuGet packages was changed (old:, new: 2.6.429.35). When attempting to deploy a new release with the latest package available from NuGet, it appears to pull the previously-used numbering convention, instead of the actual latest, and thus the build fails since that is no longer available. When using the Test feature on the Octopus Deploy NuGet page, however, it shows the latest available version of the package.

I plan to upgrade to the latest RC of v2 in earlier February anyway, but hoped to report this issue if not already known. I am more than happy to provide any additional information necessary.

Hi Stephen,

Thanks for getting in touch, I’m relatively certain you’ve hit - please let us know if any problems persist after the upgrade.


Thanks Nick, that looks like it was the problem that we were having. Everything’s good now.