Registering tentacle using register-with is creating duplicate role


I am using a powershell script to register a tentacle once it has been installed. It registers correctly but when i check a project that has the role i registered with the machine isn’t there. Check the roles within the machines i can add the same role.

When i inspect the elements of both the one that is already in OD has a space on the end (no space was added when creating the role), where as the one i register with doesn’t. I have tried registering with a space on the end but doesn’t show when checked.

I have attached a screenshot showing this.




Hi Ian,

Thanks for getting in touch! I’m assuming you are using Tentacle.exe on your script to register the tentacle. I’m almost sure that we trim spaces at the end of the Tentacle.exe parameter, reason why the space doesn’t show up on Octopus once the tentacle has been registered. The cleanest solution would be to remove all references (on machines and on deployent processes) of the role with the extra space, and start using the clean everywhere. It might be a pain, but it’ll be the best in the long run.