Register Tentacle as tenanted deployments

I’m using powershell (via a Chef cookbook) to register new tentacles with the octopus server.

Tentacles are always registered as excluded from tenanted environments.
How can I change this option using Tentacle.exe?

Looking at the Tentacle.exe register-with documentation, there does not appear to be an option to set this.

I’ve tried enabling and disabling this setting then comparing the configuration. It appears that this setting is not saved in the tentacle configuration

.\Tentacle.exe show-configuration
  "Octopus": {
    "Home": "C:\\Octopus",
    "Watchdog": {
      "Enabled": false,
      "Interval": 0,
      "Instances": "*"
  "Tentacle": {
    "Deployment": {
      "ApplicationDirectory": "C:\\Octopus\\Applications"
    "Services": {
      "ListenIP": null,
      "NoListen": true,
      "PortNumber": 10943
    "Communication": {
      "TrustedOctopusServers": [
          "Thumbprint": "xxxxxxxx",
          "CommunicationStyle": 2,
          "Address": "",
          "Squid": null,
          "SubscriptionId": "poll://xxxxxxxxx/"
    "CertificateThumbprint": "xxxxxxxxxx"

Hi Spencer,

Thanks for getting in touch! Currently this is not something you are able to do in Octopus, however we do have an open GitHub issue to address this which I can link you to. :slight_smile:

I will add this conversation as a source to the GitHub issue for the developers to see.

Let me know if you have any further thoughts or questions here.

Best regards,

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