RegEx Search and Replace

Hi all,
I have a regEx search and replace step in a deployment where I’m trying to update a config file (specifically a config file for NLog, logging library for .net). The pattern I’m searching for is:

<target name=“logfile”\s*?.?\s?/>

and I need to replace it with:

however, the LogFileName_1 variable contains the text: “Instance 1 - ${shortdate}.txt” and it’s ending up, when deployed as just “Instance 1 - {shortdate}.txt”. NLog uses ${shortdate} when running, substituting it for 2015-11-05. I’ve tried doing $${shortdate} and variations on it like ${shortdate}, ${shortdate}, $$shortdate} but every time the $$ is completely removed.

Any idea how I get around this please?

Hi Eddie,

I’ve just tried to replicate your example, but it worked as expected for me.

Can I ask which version of Octopus Deploy you are using?