Regarding Time taken for Deployment


We are using a trail(45 Days) version of Octopus Deploy server for deployments in our company, in this we had a problem that for deploying 58 MB projects to Staging servers which will be in other networks using VPN is taking much more time of upto half and hour to deploy those projects as we have a requirement of multiple projects to deploy in multiple servers which will be in different networks, If the project is of 6 MB it is taking upto 5 mins. So, kindly let me know how can we resolve this issue to deploy the packages as soon as possible as i want to recommend this Octopus to buy to my seniors and to my Clinets if this time taking for deployment is resolved.
Kindly let me know how to resolve this ASAP.

Murali Prasad

Hi Murali,

Thanks for getting in touch! In 2.6 (which we will have a pre-release out for by early next week) we have changed the transfer of packages to streaming. In all of our testing this has seen a 5x speed increase.
If you find that you require more time to test these new features when the release is out please email sales at octopusdeploy dot com for a trial extension.

Hope that helps!