Reg: promote release between new tentacle

Hi Team,

Please share us a way to promote a release in an env to a new added machine added.
such that the new machine has the nuget web app build similar to another machine in the env.

Scenario : I am deploying a project ( nuget web app) in a tentacle (say machine role as X) and in QA env. Deployment is successful ( say release version as 1.0.1)
Then, I add another machine role (say Y) in the project and promote the release(1.0.1) to the same QA env.

here the release is again deployed to machine X. I am looking a nuget build which is deployed in machine X to be promote and deployed in a new machine Y through promote release or any other way as you suggest.

This will help to have all the machine including the new added machine to have same nuget web app

another question : On the Octo.exe front, I know we can deploy latest or specific version of nuget, is there is a way to pick the last deployed nuget web app and create a release for deployment.

Awaiting for you reply.