Reduce delay in Subscriptions webhook notifications

I’m using the Subscriptions feature to notify my team about deployments in Slack via a custom webhook handler. I keep track of the deployment in progress and update the Slack message at each step, which is pretty cool. The only problem is there’s sometimes a long delay before Octopus sends the webhook for each event. I noticed by looking at Configuration > Diagnostics > Subscription Logs that it looks like Octopus only checks whether it needs to send notifications every 30 seconds! Is there any way to reduce this interval, or do you have any plans to add an option to send webhooks on demand instead of batching them?

Hi Will,

Thanks for getting in touch!

All of our subscriptions are indeed run on a scheduler that fires (as you correctly surmise) every 30 seconds. At this stage this is not user configurable and we currently don’t have any plans to make this a user configurable item.

What may work in your case would be to incorporate the community supplied (Octopus supported) Slack notification steps into your projects as required:

It’s not as nice as your solution appears to be, but is what we currently have available.

Sorry that I don’t have better news for you at this stage,


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