Redeploy an old release to IIS


If you redeploy an old release without ticking the “Force packages to be re-installed on Tentacles” then the IIS site path is not updated as the step is skipped. The release says that it was successful but the site is pointing at the old version.

Clicking the check box to force the download does make everything work as expected but I think that the IIS update should still happen. What do you think?

Thanks, Simon

Hi Simon,

Thanks for the suggestion and I see your point. I’ll think about ways we can accommodate this.


Hi Paul,

One other related thing I have seen…

“2013-03-20 16:14:15 WARN Could not find an IIS website or virtual directory named ‘AquariumNet_AG’ on the local machine. If you expected Octopus to update this for you, you should create the site and/or virtual directory manually. Otherwise you can ignore this message.”

This was my mistake but the status was that this release was successful. For me if IIS has not been updated then this release failed.

What do you think about this one?

Thanks, Simon

This just really killed us during a rollback deployment.

If the “Update IIS Website” section is enabled, a redeploy of an older package should never skip this feature. We had a bogus deploy, we deployed an earlier version and the IIS folders were not repointed. This added a costly delay in diagnosis.

Hi Peter,

I am very sorry that you had this experience. I agree that the text does not fully explain what this means. I have created an issue to update the text to mention that steps are skipped completely.