Recurring scheduled deployments run on UTC

Hello all,

I am wondering if anyone else has experienced recurring scheduled deployments running on UTC, regardless of the schedule timezone setting on the trigger.

Task queued: Thursday, April 26, 2018 4:05:22 AM
Task started: Thursday, April 26, 2018 4:05:23 AM

Vern DeHaven

Hi Vern,

Thanks for getting in touch!

Unfortunately what you are seeing is a known issue, which we have now resolved in Octopus 2018.4.6. If you are able to upgrade you will be able to schedule your deployments in the right timezone :slight_smile:

Apologies that we missed this during testing. Actually, to be totally fair I’m pretty sure I missed it during testing.


Thank you Alex! My apologies for my GoogleFu not being strong enough to find that known issue.

Not at all!

Let us know how you get on and if there is anything else that we can assist with.


A note for those who had this issue prior to 2018.4.6:

After upgrading, delete and recreate the triggers, as triggers existing prior to the upgrade will continue to operate in UTC.

I am mistaken. Deletion and recreation of the triggers does not solve the issue. When using the “Days per week” schedule, notice the Start Time:

The above trigger fires at 4:05 AM EDT. However, look what happens to the Start Time when I select “Daily” instead:

The trigger shows when it will actually fire. I have verified that the scheduled time works as expected when “Daily” is selected. However, the trigger will always use UTC if the “Days per week” schedule is selected.

This behavior was observed on Octopus 2018.4.7.

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Hi Vern,

Thank you very much for the update and extra information, sorry we didn’t catch this during testing!

We have a GitHub Issue for the problem, and should have a fix into production early next week.


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