Recommended spec for Octpus server machine

Our Octopus server (v4.0.11) is on an AWS t2.micro;
I was testing the latest release of the Octopus server (v2018.3.4) on a test t2.micro and found it running really slow. So I tried it on a t2.medium and found it a lot more responsive.
What are the reasons, is it something you are aware, what are your recommendations.
Best regards and many thanks
Mike Driver

Hi Mike,

Thanks for getting in touch!

As everyone’s Octopus requirements are so different we find it difficult to come up with a set of requirements apart from our base getting started recommendations, which are:

  • Absolute minimum to make it run: 512MB RAM, 1GHz CPU, 2GB free disk space.
  • Recommended starting point for smaller deployments (less than 30 deployment targets for example): 2GB RAM, dual-core CPU, 10GB free disk space.
  • Recommended starting point for larger deployments: 4GB RAM, dual-core, 20GB free disk space.

We do have performance recommendations that are applicable across all installs and should help with performance tuning.

As for the performance difference that you are seeing as after your upgrade are you able to provide some more information, specifically we would love if you could send through some CPU/RAM usage both pre and post install. One theory that we have is that your upgrade exhausted your CPU credits which might explain the performance drop that you are experiencing. A similar alternative that as your baseline usage would have had to have been under 10% of one core that the upgrade is only slightly more intensive which again might have exhausted your available credits.

Either way the CPU/RAM usage graphs should point us in the right direction here.

As a quick aside we are currently running a closed Alpha of our Octopus Hosted service and those installs are currently running on T2.Medium instances.

Thanks Mike, I look forward to hearing from you shortly,