RE: Tentacle Health Check, DB Backup, Tentacle upgrade tasks timeout after 2.3 upgrade

Hi paul - Just wondering what the solution here was, we’re facing the same issues…
Tentacle Health Check, DB Backup, Tentacle upgrade tasks timeout after 2.3 upgrade

Hi Niall,

When you are looking at a queued task, does it show any other tasks that it is waiting on?

Hi Paul - Correct see below scenario:

  1. Upgraded from Octopus. to Octopus.
  2. Proceeded to upgrad tentacle an it is timing out as it looks like the attached is hanging.
  3. Cancelling the task does not work

Let me know if you need anything else

Hi Paul - I managed to resolve this. I simply removed the hanging task from the ravendb UI. Not sure if this was the purest fix or not but seemed to do the trick for me.


I had this same issue and deleted the task that was causing the issue. But now I’m getting this error in the logs over and over:
Octopus.Platform.Documents.Persistence.ResourceNotFoundException: The resource ‘ServerTasks-1061’ was not found.
at Octopus.Platform.Documents.Persistence.SessionExtensions.LoadRequired[TModel](IDocumentSession session, String id) in c:\TeamCity\buildAgent\work\1116bd9da9e239fd\source\Octopus.Platform.Documents\Persistence\SessionExtensions.cs:line 45
at Octopus.Server.Orchestration.TaskController.Receive(TimeoutElapsedEvent timeout) in c:\TeamCity\buildAgent\work\1116bd9da9e239fd\source\Octopus.Server\Orchestration\TaskController.cs:line 98

Hi Brian,

How many times have you received this error? It should only happen a few times and then disappear.


Hi Paul,

The error was continuously logged for at least 30 minutes. I ended up
resolving it by restoring from the latest backup. After restoring the DB
the tasks (Apply retention policies) that had been hanging were marked as
"Timed Out" and I stopped getting the errors.

Thanks for replying. I suppose I shouldn’t have manually deleted the tasked
from the RavenDB collection. Is there a better way of handling tasks that
are hanging? I tried restarting the service but that didn’t work.


We are also facing this issue after upgrading from 2.1.3 to 2.3.3 today. What’s the best resolution?

Just found this:

Fixed. :slight_smile:

We’ll have this fixed out of the box in today’s 2.3.4 release. Thank all,