Re-index built-in package repository task

We have a task Re-index built-in package repository that takes 12 hours to run. Just want to inquire why it takes so long. Now there is a massive number of packages in the space where the task was run. In the Task Log there are over 50,000 lines so that will give you an idea of how many packages there are. I have asked the space managers to reduce the number of packages in the Library.
While the task is running what implications does it have on Octopus Deploy. Does it slow down Octopus in any way?

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The main purpose of the re-index task is to check the physical package directory contents matches the data stored within the database. So, if packages are manually added or removed from the physical directory, this task will update the database with those changes. There is some additional detail here:

Whilst the task is running, it is scanning through all of these packages on the server hard disk, so, you may see some performance impact during this time.
The best option may be to disable the re-index task temporarily until the number of packages are within a manageable level. You can do this using the option within Library > Package.


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