Re-deploy older version of project

Here’s the scenario we ran into today:

Rolled out version 551. Deployment worked fine. However, we found a show stopping bug that would ruin our demo.

We knew version 550 except for a minor bug fix, which we could live without. Therefore, we want to go back to version 550. Ended up having to re-deploy version 550. First time we did this it didn’t work (though Octopus said the deployment worked fine, the web was still pointing at 551). Turned out we have to check “force re-deploy of existing packages”. Noticed that now we had folders for 550 and 550_1 on the web server and the web was using 550_1.

I guess this is OK, but is there a better way? Seems to me the web server could have pointed back at 550. Is there some screen I’m missing that lets me rollback an environment to a previous version without forcing a re-deploy?


In the situation you describe above, I can see how a rollback could work. The issue gets more complicated when implemented for the general case though - for example, if 551 included a database schema change, would rolling back to 550 undo the change or restore a database backup? Currently the “re-deploy 550” solution at least gives you more control over this, even if it isn’t ideal.